About Kit Garth

I first began thinking about getting into the field of home inspection due to growing up around construction. My father was a home builder as well as a real estate investor. Growing up walking around job sites of residential construction looking at structure became second nature to me at a pretty young age. I lived for several years on a ranch where I developed my passion for horses and, in particular, the rodeo event of team roping. I learned at a very young age that to be great at anything you must develop certain skills to be successful in life. Patience, dedication, focus, and perseverance. Just to name a few. With that said I believe and have found to be very true is that the most powerful contributor to one’s success is simply finding something you enjoy doing. For me I have been fortunate enough to have found a career that brings me happiness.

When I became a horseman I learned how to key in on my already existing talent for the attention to detail. Knowing that in most cases it is the smallest of things that can make the biggest of differences. For horses, everything starts at their feet. If something is out like a shoulder or soreness, nothing too serious, but if not caught can dramatically affect the horses performance and can even lead to being completely lame if not corrected properly. This directly relates to the foundations and structural integrity of the homes we live in. It all starts at the ground. I love to teach, and I love providing a service that truly helps people in making the decision on one of the largest investments some people make in there entire lives. It is something I am passionate about and am totally dedicated to. Providing you with vital information to help you in the process of purchasing your new home is what I do.


Kitridge Garth

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